• By Ryan Young
  • Royal Oak, MI
  • Posted Saturday, April 29, 2023

New construction inspections

It's easy to assume, when buying or building a home under construction, that the builder has signed off the construction and the municipal inspectors are happy with it. It's important to keep in mind that both builders and municipal inspections can make mistakes. It is important to have a home inspection done after a new building is completed. This will ensure your home is safe and free from visible defects. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t trust your builder or the municipal inspectors.

  1. The Motivation of the Builder

The main goal of the builder is to finish construction as quickly as possible and as cost-effectively. To save money and time, they may make shortcuts or ignore certain issues. The builder has the responsibility to ensure that the construction meets the code but they can miss defects which could compromise your safety.

  1. Limitations of Municipal Inspectors

The municipal inspectors' job is to ensure that construction meets safety and building code regulations. They often lack the time and resources necessary to conduct a thorough inspection. They might miss some defects or lack the expertise to detect potential problems.

  1. There are hidden issues in new construction

Hidden issues can occur in new construction that are not visible at first. These issues include structural defects, electrical and plumbing problems and safety hazards. These issues can be identified by a professional inspection of new construction before they become serious problems.

  1. Protect Your Investment

A new home represents a substantial investment. An inspection of a new construction can give you peace of mind, and protect your investment. A report of an inspection can be used to negotiate with the builder on compensation or repairs.

A new construction inspection will ensure that your house is built safely, to code and without defects. You shouldn't trust your builder or the municipal inspectors. Builders might have a motive to ignore issues or cut corners, while municipal inspectors could have limitations that cause them to miss certain defects. A professional inspection of new construction can uncover hidden defects and protect your investment.


Ryan Young, Licensed Residential Builder & Home Inspector

I am a licensed residential builder in the State of Michigan (ID #2102211191). I have been licensed as a builder since 2012. This sets me apart as the State of Michigan does not license home inspectors. I have worked in the building and inspection industry since 2012. I inspected hundreds of bank owned homes during the foreclosure crisis.

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